Office Automation Module

OfficeMate is an application, which can be used for administrating the office activities of a college. The system provides interfaces for entering student and staff details, course details, examination information, mark details, history, payroll, fee details and accounts. Provision is also there for editing, searching and deleting all the information entered at a later time. The system is protected by password so that only the authorized person can use the system. Various reports about staff and students, courses, exams and marks, payroll, fee details and accounts can also be generated. All these informations are available to all add-ins using the exposed COM/.NET interface libraries.


  • The core offline application framework is plug-in based.
  • Handles and tracks various activities of students and staff.
  • OfficeMate includes modules such as student and staff information, fee module, salary module, attendance module, etc.
  • Easy to use setup wizards.
  • Add-on management and per user based security preferences
  • Fully customizable using SDK.
  • Various useful reports.

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