Library Automation Module

Library is very easily accessible and handy to the staff and students. List of books issued to a particular person can be displayed along with information such as due date, fine, submission delay, etc. This module also automates all the activities in a library including membership, member details, list of available books, issues, returns, and other information associated with the library. It offers extensive analysis and reporting facilities. It provides reservation and searches all kinds of media including books, journals and discs.


  • Library management is an add-on module for OfficeMate
  • Circulation and tracking of books and other medias is very easy.
  • Library related settings are very easy to configure.
  • Automatic generation of defaulter’s list, fine, rental rate settings.
  • Media creation management.
  • Barcode integration and printing.
  • Member management.
  • Media/book reservation, issue, return, renewal.
  • Search media/member in all level.
  • Provides information on list of available books.

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