• What is CampusMate +? 
    CampusMate + is a set of Software Packages used to automate and integrate the core functionality of any educational institution.
  • Does campusMate + fullfill all the requirements of my institution?
    CampusMate + is capable of automating education institutions like University, College, School, etc. 
  • Which procedures can be automated by CampusMate + if I go for it?
    Office Administration, Admission, Fee, Timetable, Examination, Payroll, Attendance, Accounts, etc.
  • Should I buy all modules?
    No, you can choose the modules as per your requirement.
  • Can we expect some sort of training to use CampusMate +? 
    Yes, We will provide the necessary training to all our customers to start using the system. The system is supported with a complete help file, which will definitely help you. If still you have any difficulty you are free to mail us at info@ktsinfotech.com
  • Is it a multi user system?
    Yes, it is multi user system.
  • Is it possible to create users with different access rights?
    Yes, it is possible.
  • How does CampusMate + protect the database?
    There is an option to take the backup.


  • Whether new entries like eligibility, field of study, weightage, concession, etc. can be added for admission?
    Yes. You can create new such entries.
  • Whether new relation such as course concession, course weightage, eligibility field of study, etc.  can be created for admission?
    Yes. You can create new relations.
  • Whether merit mark formaula can be changed for each course?
    Yes. You can change the formaula before application submission.
  • Whether the user can craete new application type?
    Yes. The administrator can create the new application type.
  • Whether the saved application can be modified or deleted?
    Yes. It is possible before the revoke date by the administrator.
  • Whether the user can fix the last date of application issue?
    Yes. It is possible by setting the revoke date.
  • Is there any option to find out a particular student's details?
    Yes. There is search option available.
  • Is it possible to rearrange the ranklist, once it is saved?
    Yes. The authorized person can manually rearrange the ranklist.
  • Is it possible to change the merit mark formula after submiting the application?
    Yes. The authorized person can do it.